Hi everyone,

I’ve got the day off today, Yippee! That means playtime for me. You may remember that my friend Lin sent me a parcel for Christmas which contained a novel type of weaving loom. At last I’ve had time to play with it this morning.

IMG_20160202_154954945It came with very clear photo instructions with written details in many languages. The idea is to wind the yarn around and around the pegs and then use the bendy needle to make some special double knots at the crossover positions.


Once everything is secured, the weaving can be removed from the loom, and after some simple crochet around the edge, the Granny style square is done.

IMG_20160203_124415409 The winding took less than five minutes to do, the stitching probably about ten minutes and the crochet took me forever because I wasn’t too sure where to crochet. Anyway, as you can see, I managed in the end and future squares will be a lot quicker to make. I used scrap wool for this trial square and I think, next time, I’ll use more chunky yarn to plump it up a bit. I can feel a new scarf coming on. The position of the pegs can be changed to make larger designs. My square is about 5 inches across.

Thank you for providing me with something new to learn and play with Lin. That was fun 🙂

I hope you are all getting time to craft this week.