Hurray! It’s finished!

Hi everyone,

I hope you have all woken up to bright sunshine this morning. I have! It’s glorious outside but still very chilly. The sun has got it’s hat on and I’m very pleased to announce that my crocheted ripple blanket is finally finished.


I’ve let you all have lots of sneaky peeks over the past year and a bit since I started this monster project and it has kept me so cosy while I have crocheted beneath it during the winter evenings Smile I am really happy with the way the edges stayed straight and flat. There was no need to block the finished blanket.


The other edges have ripples in keeping with the pattern. I toyed with the idea of having a border to straighten around all four sides but, no, I’m sticking with the ripples.


Hopefully, you can now see what a mammoth blanket it is, completely covering the sofa. I won’t be using it as a sofa cover of course Smile


As I finished off the ends, I thought these looked really lovely and couldn’t resist another photo.


This is what I have left from 1600 grams of yarn. What will they become?


Well, I have a few little bundles of inspiration in here. This will be perfect for playing around with scraps and I can’t wait to get started.


If you’d like to make a ripple blanket, the pattern I followed is here. Lucy’s blog is fantastic and the pattern is perfect!! This is the first pattern I have ever followed. I’m a complete novice at crochet and look what happened. So, if you are sitting there thinking “I don’t think I could do that”, you could! The only thing I would say is, if you use the pattern I’ve linked to, use a bigger hook just for the first chain. It needs to be slacker so the ripple lies flat.

I hope I’ve managed to brighten your day with this explosion of colour Smile

I’m linking up with the February Made It Challenge over at Woolhogs. It’s just a bit of fun but if you want to win a gorgeous prize, enter your own February finishes. Maryanne has pulled out all of the stops again to bring us all a fine bunch projects to ogle. Hop across and take a look for yourselves NOW! If you want to enter, there’s only a few days left so get a move on 😉

Have fun this weekend!

Avis x

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