Pumpkin House–Stage 1

My new SAL project is a kit that was bought by my dear friend Lin. She’d planned to stitch it herself but realised after completing only a few stitches that her eyes were no longer up to cross stitching. I know how much she loves the design and I can’t see a kit go to waste so I offered to stitch it for her.

It’s called Pumpkin House from the Enchanted series by Bothy Threads. Did anyone guess the theme after my clue last time?

Pumpkin House package

Lin says there’s no hurry to complete this one but it jumped the queue because I was ready for another monochrome project. It’s mostly full crosses and there are a handful of 3/4 stitches, some back stitched details for the webs, metallic silver thread for the moon and some star shaped sequins which will add a bit of sparkle.

Here’s where I’m up to.

Pumpkin House 1

As you can see I’ve made good progress already. It’s all been stitched using 3 strands of black so far which is giving good coverage. The fabric is hand dyed which makes the colours all cloudy and moody.

Bothy Threads kits are really good quality. I’ve made loads of different ones from their range and they never disappoint with lovely threads and very clear charts and instructions.

Next, I’m going to tackle the spooky tree to the left of the roof.

Please visit the other blogs that are taking part in this SAL. We live all over the world so you may need to allow for time differences as we’re posting today at local time.

, Claire, Gun, Christina, Kathy, Margaret, Heidi, Jackie, Sunny, Megan,

Deborah, Sharon, Daisy, AJ, Cathie, Linda, Helen, Connie, Cindy, MaryMargaret

Our next updates will be posted on the 26th March 2023.

About the SAL

Please note this SAL is not accepting any more new members until further notice but this is what it’s all about anyway. This SAL (Stitch Along) is slightly different to other SALs in that we don’t all stitch the same design at the same rate. We choose ONE unfinished project, or ONE new one, and show progress of its completion over a series of three weekly updates. There are no deadlines and no set amount to stitch. The result is that the space in our drawers full of WIPs (works in progress) is gradually being freed up to store lots of new crafty goodness. It’s surprising how much motivation I’ve gained from being in this SAL.

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  1. claire93

     /  March 5, 2023

    this looks like a lovely project to stitch. Lots of careful counting, but no colour changes (or very few).

  2. Cathie J

     /  March 5, 2023

    I am not usually a fan of monochrome stitching, but it does stitch up quickly. I like this kit so much that I bookmarked it for a future purchase. How nice that you are stitching it for your friend.

    • I’m not usually a fan of monochrome designs unless they’re variegated threads which I love to stitch with. There’s quite a few other kits in the series that aren’t on the website at the moment. I’ve seen Alice in Wonderland, fairies and more on Ebay.

  3. witchylin

     /  March 5, 2023

    Wow you have done such a lot already. I just couldn’t see well enough and especially with black. It is looking amazing and I’ll be looking in on each SAL to see how it is progressing. Thank you Avis.

    • You’re very welcome 🙂 You know how much I enjoy stitching and this one being in one colour makes it very easy for me to stitch. I didn’t even think about it being all black.

  4. You are off to such a great start. I love the background coloring. I am going to have to take look at these kits (never have) Love the project, especially since it’s for a friend 🙂

  5. love the Halloween theme !

  6. Christina

     /  March 5, 2023

    So sweet of you to stitch this for a friend! It looks like it will be a fun stitch. I love halloween stitching!

  7. How nice to stitch this fun project up for a friend! Love it! 🙂

  8. Linda

     /  March 5, 2023

    I love your new project! I have looked at that kit, but I have so many projects in the queue I’ve put off getting it. So nice you can do this for your friend

  9. Oooh, I love that hand-dyed Aida! And you know how much I love Halloween projects! I’ve eyed their Alice kit but wondered if the fabric was really that nice. You’ve made great progress; enjoy your stitching.

    • The colours in the fabric are lovely but they’ll vary slightly in each kit. Just don’t iron it with steam or you’ll end up with an orange ironing board cover 😉

  10. You are a sweet friend. Love monochrome stitching. Love the fabric. The black really pops on it.

  11. Oh, how exciting! And I agree with the comments above. The background is perfect!

  12. I like Bothy too. I’m doing a Cword one at the moment. Not sure I’d be good with black now but good lighting helps I’m sure.

  13. That background fabric is really amazing! You are having fun with this, I think.


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