Woodland Sampler – Stage 11

It’s time for another SAL project update.  I’m stitching the Woodland Sampler by Anchor. The design number is PCE958.

This is where I was up to last time.

This is where I’m up to now.

I completed the back stitching on the fox section from last time before moving to the right. Although the latest bit with the trees was almost full coverage it was much easier to do than previous sections because it’s mostly full crosses. The only back stitching is around the fawn and the back end of the doe so that was easy and quick to do. I still think there’s way too many hours in this project for the end result but I do like the picture very much and I’m definitely sticking with it until it’s finished for that reason. Have you ever given up on a project because the result doesn’t seem worth the time needed to complete it?

I’ll try to complete the rest of the fawn for next time (its hooves might be just off the sheet I’m working on) and if that goes well I’ll move further to the right.

Please check out what everyone else has been up to by clicking their names below. We live all over the world so you may need to allow for time differences. Posting takes place every third Sunday, local time. Our next  updates will be posted on the 19th December 2021.

Avis, Claire, Gun, Constanze, Christina, Kathy, Margaret, Cindy, Heidi, Jackie, Sunny, Megan, Deborah, Renee, Carmela, Sharon, Daisy, Anne, AJ, Cathie, Linda, Helen

About the SAL

Please note this SAL is not accepting any more new members until further notice but this is what it’s all about anyway. This SAL (Stitch Along) is slightly different to other SALs in that we don’t all stitch the same design at the same rate. We choose ONE unfinished project, or ONE new one, and show progress of its completion over a series of three weekly updates. There are no deadlines and no set amount to stitch. The result is that the space in our drawers full of WIPs (works in progress) is gradually being freed up to store lots of new crafty goodness. It’s surprising how much motivation I’ve gained from being in this SAL.

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  1. Great progress Avis and loving the forest scene that seems to be unfolding this time round. xx

  2. Cathie J

     /  November 28, 2021

    Oh I love how the fox looks with the backstitching and that fawn is so sweet and delicate. I am enjoying watching each new animal come to life. I have abandoned projects a couple of times, but usually because I become bored. I rarely think a project is more work than it is worth. I usually go back to those projects eventually.

  3. I think you’ve made great progress since last time, quite a big section this time. This piece is very lovely but I know what you mean about taking more effort than it seems worth. The spring dragon I made part of a set of 4 seasons was one of those. It had a very seemingly simple border of flowers made up of 3-6 crosses and some backstitch and pearl work… The border required so many colour changes and had so many gaps I had to stitch 3 crosses and find a way to stop the thread with nothing on the back…. It really annoyed me until I changed my technique to use 4 needles at the same time so I could work my way gradually with each colour , bead and backstitch without losing count or making mistakes but I thought to myself “never again”. It’s a shame because the full set is beautiful but that and the cost of the supplies alone (something around 70£ total) made me seriously question if I like that set anymore.

    I would say keep at it and finish it as you’ve gone this far already but no one would blame you for cursing this designer and never stitching their work again !

    • my sister knows not to buy the Anchor kits again. I made one of a shepherd and his sheepdog for the SAL a while ago and the tweed jacket was a nightmare to stitch. that kit was given to me by a dear friend and she now has it framed on her wall. It was worth the effort because she likes it but never again! Than my sister bought the Highland Scene kit. I stitched that for the SAL as well. Oh, the backstitch over part squares made me scream! This one is a pain but I like the results so I’ll finish it and probably frame it soon after, just to say I did it. I remember the pearl borders you did. They were also worth the effort. I hope you’ve got the whole set on display as they are beautiful.

  4. claire93

     /  November 28, 2021

    you really are going great guns this time Avis – a huge amount of progress !

  5. You have made great progress on this gorgeous design. The effort will be truly rewarded at the end result.

  6. The fox is darling! I absolutely love this piece. Your progress is stunning.

  7. You are making great progress Avis! It will be beautiful when finished, and I bet you like it more once it’s done!

  8. What a great idea to do the back stitching as you go- so much more rewarding!

  9. You got a lot done too Avis!

  10. You really made a lot of progress and it looks great! The fox is so cute and also they seem to very popular in the crafting world right. I know it will be well worth it when done and youll love it. I do find I tend to stick to the simpler projects, I guess because of your very thoughts.

    • I don’t know why this had to be so complicated. There’s three quarter stitches next to each other that are only one shade apart. That’s bad enough but then there’s a back stitch over the top. Why? Foxes are very popular with me too. I’ve got 3 regular visitors to the garden every night 🙂

  11. Great progress, but doesn´t the fox look a bit sad? Is he lonely, maybe? I do have a project or two not yet finished and probably never will be! 🙂

  12. I do love that fox, and it’s so lovely. Sometimes I want to abandon a project because I’m just tired of it, or it makes me feel overwhelmed. Both the Swan and Mr. Tiger were “open up the kit… look at the instructions… feel it’s not something I want to do… pack it all up for years” projects, until this stitch-a-long came along! I have other projects that I’ve finished the stitching, rolled up the piece, and stuck it in the basement. And others that are somewhere in between. I am starting to feel the same way about craft projects the way I feel about books: life’s too short to keep going with things I’m not enjoying.
    I think this project is gorgeous, but maybe you just need to take a little break from it?

    • I can’t not finish it because I’m liking the result. No pain, no gain I suppose. If this goes back in the cupboard it’ll never see the light of day again which would be a shame. I don’t have WIPs except for completed quilt tops that I haven’t quilted yet (but I don’t count those haha). For me, the reward for finishing a project is to start another one. I do allow myself other crafting as well at the same time. I’ve got one knitting project and one patchwork quilt on the go at the moment. Now that winter is here I’d rather knit than sew.

  13. You are making great progress! Looking fabulous!

  14. Hi Avis, I am afraid that my email account has been hacked and I am locked out. I have slowly been changing everything but only just got around to my wordpress site. I have now updated this – but do you need to know my new email? If so, how should I get it to you? So sorry, Deborah – oh and the fox looks just gorgeous!

  15. Great progress and really looking good Avis xx


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