Purple Blanket Update 7

The last time I posted about this blanket was on the 20th June 2016. This is where I was up to at that time.

Stage 6 Then my needles broke 😦

Broken needlesBefore starting this project I looked long and hard at all the available needles and these ones had great reviews. They’re called Symfonie by Knit Pro and they’re not cheap but I think you usually get what you pay for. The fact that they’ve snapped is no reflection on their quality in my opinion. It was the sheer weight of the knitting that caused the end bit to break free.

I got in a proper purple pickle (a phrase coined by my great friend Allison) when, on the most complicated twisty row, 30 stitches pinged off in all directions as the wire went BOING with a mind of its own! I managed to lean over and message my OH with my little finger while hanging on for dear life, not wanting any more stitches to drop off the wire or, allow any of the ones that were already enjoying their freedom, to run any further. Thank goodness for smartphones! I was holding my breathe. One wrong move and I knew I’d lose the lot. With the help of my knight in shining armour and a second pair of hands I eventually managed to get every dropped stitch safely onto a spare needle temporarily and breathe again. Phew! The task of actually sorting out the stitches in the pattern took a good couple of hours but all is well that ends well. No damage done.

I’ve saved the bits of needles and will superglue them when I need them for a lighter weight project. I’ve bought the same needles again, except in purple this time, and hope they hold together until I’m finished. I might not be so lucky next time.

By now, if you’ve waded through all the above, you’ll want to see where I’m up to. Stage 8As you can see, it hasn’t just been sitting in a cupboard for 20 months. I’ve been picking it up and doing a bit here and there during the colder months but can’t bear to sit under it and knit when it’s too warm. I’ll try to get as much done as possible before May….this year.

Do you have any long term knitting WIPs? I bet I’m not the only one.

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  1. Wow! You were knitting like crazy to break your needle, LOL. So glad that you were able to get all those stitches back onto a needle with no problem. What a disaster it could have been. The blanket is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see it all finished. Me, have long term projects laying around?? Ha! I don’t really have any knitting projects except to use up my stash. But I do have cross stitch projects in waiting :O I still have a WIP from the 90’s that needs to be worked on. Plus a few others. I plan on starting the 2018 Line and Threads Mystery Sampler that will go until the end of the year and I am getting ready to start another year long SAL. So, um….yeah, I have lots of long term projects.

    • Thank you Ginny. I’m really enjoying knitting it but I do need to concentrate to keep the pattern right. If anyone reading this hasn’t already visited your blog I urge them to do so now. The 2017 SAL you’ve just had framed is a masterpiece!

  2. claire93

     /  February 19, 2018

    what could have ended in disaster was saved, thanks to modern technology and your knight in shining armour ^^ This blanket is truly beautiful, Avis, I love everything about it: the colour, the textures with all those different patterns. You’ll be sad to see this one finished, won’t you?

  3. tonymarkp

     /  February 19, 2018

    What a beauty. And so much work.

  4. Wow!! Scary story, the stuff of nightmares! I do think knitters pride has a lifetime warranty, you could try asking where you bought them.

    Glad it all worked out well, and that you were able to move on with this lovely blanket.

    I don’t have anything like that on my needles now, but I did take two years to finish my first lace-weight lace shawl. Some projects just take time.

  5. I love the high drama of you sitting there immobile holding everything together, waiting for backup to arrive – and it’s so worth it! Beautiful work, and what an outstanding achievement it’s going to be when it’s finished.

  6. Those are gorgeous cables Avis, and what a shock to have your needles explode! I seem to be job the middle of very long projects right now…I need to find something small to balance things out!

  7. Alice

     /  February 19, 2018

    This is such a gorgeous blanket!

  8. Wow, that is beautiful!

  9. Wow that looks wonderful! I’m currently knitting a cable blanket myself but it’s got a lot less stitches than that one!!

  10. Beautiful! What is the pattern called?
    I have a long-term crochet project, caused by my knitting – an afghan made of granny squares that uses up all the scraps of yarn left from my sock knitting. It has been in process for about 4 years now and is nowhere near done. I take it out occasionally and make several more squares, then put it away again.

  11. Oh gosh, what a story this piece tells! I’m glad it all worked out, it’s a lovely pattern by imagine putting it right again was no easy task!

  12. It looks beautiful. Good for you for finding a way to keep going.

  13. oh I can’t believe your needles snapped 😦 I love those knit pro too, maybe I will be careful not to have super heavy projects on them then. The blanket is looking fabulous I actually love that it’s all one colour 💜

    • Thank you. I wanted the pattern to do the talking and thought one colour would do that best. My second pair of needles are holding up so far. It was definitely the weight that caused the others to break. I’m being oh so careful now!

  14. I started knitting a table cloth years ago and it´s still not finished 🙂

  15. That is absolutely beautiful!


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