Please help me solve this mystery!

Hello again,

I have something different for you this time, two little mysteries to solve. I know the answer to the first one already but the second one has me baffled. You are welcome to give suggestions to both and I’ll reveal the answer to at least  number one next week. OK here we go…

Mystery Number One

Do you know what this is used for?


Here is a view of the end.


It’s been well used in my family but not by me and it’s for a certain kind of craft. The handle is made of rubber and it is quite heavy for its size. No more clues!

Mystery number two

I have no idea what this is and I don’t even know whether it is for some kind of crafting purpose but it was in a bag of crafting goodies left by my late Aunt Edith.


It opens up to the end stopper this way.


It can also be turned in the opposite direction to the end stopper like this.


It is flat and made entirely of metal and has no sharp edges. It is about 4 inches long when folded.

Is it for crafting? I have no idea. I won’t reply to your comments until I reveal the answer to number 1 as I don’t want to give the game away. I would really love to find out what number 2 is for.

Happy Solving,

Avis x

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  1. No idea about the first one. The second one – does it open easily and is it a loose joint? Maybe then it’s some sort of device to keep a flap on a piece of furniture open. I’m thinking about the kind of flap with the hinges on top. You would fasten this device to two other metal parts which are missing here, one on the flap and one on the inner side of the piece of furniture, like in the last picture but upside down.

  2. claire93

     /  May 4, 2014

    number one looks like some kind of mini hammer ^^ but then why the hole in the end?
    I tend to agree with Jule – second one looks like a hinge . . . or a blunt cut-throat razor ^^

  3. Ok, my default answer for anything like this is… A tool for getting things out of horses hooves… It hasn’t been the right answer for anything yet but I reckon if I keep saying it, well, eventually it’s got to be a winner. It’s still not right is it…

  4. No clue!!!!!!

  5. No idea on the first one, but I have an ottoman with a hinge a bit like this. The stopper prevents the lid falling too far back. Maybe not a tool at all, then?

  6. no idea on #1! I was thinking some kind of hinge on the second one, too…but that little square notch…erg!

  7. okay, after googling images for “hinges”, then “knife hinges”, I am pretty convinced #2 is some kind of hinge 🙂 ahhh!

  8. witchylin

     /  May 6, 2014

    My first thought was a hinge on a sewing box or something like that.

  9. When I saw the first one, what popped into my head was ‘Sonic Screwdriver’. I’m not sure what that says about me…

  10. Is A one of those stud attaching hole punch thingys.? As for B I also agree a hinge of some sort. Thanks for the riddle me this fun 🙂


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