Cirque des Cercles Stage 1

Hi everyone,

First of all, welcome to the merry band of new followers! I really appreciate you all taking time to have a little peep at what me and my friends are up to.

I’m so pleased to show you my completed first stage of Cirque des Cercles from Ink Circles.


I’m beginning to get used to sewing on the black evenweave fabric. It was difficult at first but I think it is going to be well worth the effort. I’m stitching along with Claire over at Claire93 and Izz at Isabel’s Needleworks. Claire is stitching the same design as me and Izz is stitching a sampler which she has wanted to complete for years but just hadn’t got around to it Smile Why not pop over to take a look at their first stage posts when they are published some time today? Our next completed stage will be revealed on 23rd February as long as we are all ready to post by then.

When I mentioned the fabric and thread colour I was going to use in an earlier post, I received a lovely email from a lady called Christine with a photo of some of her stitching with the same thread choice (DMC 111). Look at what she sent me. Isn’t it beautiful?


The wonders of the internet never fail to amaze me. It’s so nice to be crafting alongside like minded people all over the world when I’m really just sitting at home on the sofa, stitching away in my own little world Smile

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Avis x

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  1. I knew the 111 would look lovely, but it has exceeded my expectations, its beautiful

  2. claire93

     /  February 2, 2014

    I agree with Debbie – the result with 111 is really stunning ^^

  3. That looks lovely, especially in those shades, and isn’t Christine’s piece gorgeous too.

    The internet is definitely a wonderful thing when used like this.

  4. witchylin

     /  February 2, 2014

    Fantastic Avis. The colour choice of evenweave and thread is perfect for the design. Christine’s is also lovely. Variegated threads take the work to a whole new level. Looking forward to seeing the next installment.

  5. Beautiful design and handwork. This could rival any master tapestry from days of yore. You must have the patience of a saint to work with the dark fabric. Well done!

    • I do have a lot of patience and I wrestled with the black fabric for a while but it is improving. If we had better daylight here up north, it would be a lot easier. I have to use an overhead lamp which then causes shadows from my hand but I’m getting there 🙂 I initially tried lighting from underneath but that was a nightmare!

  6. Isabel's Needleworks

     /  February 2, 2014

    Beautiful work Avis, I understand about the grr and arg.. stitching and picking ! The variegated colours are amazing, let’s get stitching lol

    • Thank you Izz 🙂 I actually started the second stage this afternoon and will have to give up. Even with the lamp, it is now too dark to sew on black. Oh well, there’s always knitting or crochet to do this evening! Enjoy Stage 2 😀

  7. It’s beautiful Avis! Thanks for showing my completed piece. Thanks for all the sweet comments too. I don’t have the Cirque Des Cercles design so I had no idea that the designer used the colors I chose for my Pelin Tezer design. Wow…I feel like I’m in great company…especially being ‘color challenged’. LOL!

    • Thank you Christine 🙂 I like a lot of the Ink Circles designs. It was Claire who sent me to their website when I said I would like a challenge and now we are stitching one together. I am looking for the next challenge already. I love the fractal designs here
      but I’ve already been told that I’m on my own if I decide to stitch one of those LOL. So, I’m searching for a “victim” 😆

      • claire93

         /  February 3, 2014

        you don’t seriously think anyone is going to join you in your fractal Madness, do you lol?

      • Avis,
        I like a lot of the Ink Circles designs too. I don’t have any of the patterns yet though. 😦
        OMGosh….I LOVE the fractals! I’ve been collecting those free bookmarks for years & just told my friend a few days ago that I need to actually stitch one. Sooooooooo…..I would like to be a victim right along with you! Would you stitch one of the big ones or start with one of the smaller bookmarks? I actually have several large ones on my Wish List. LOL! I can’t start until next year though because I have some things that must get done this year.

  8. black fabric is more fun for freehand work, its hard to count threads on (but then I’m too lazy to count anyway, so what do I know!)

    • He-he! I have to stick to counting because I have zero artistic ability. I would love to be able to do free style embroidery but it just isn’t going to happen 🙂

  9. Avis such a stunning piece of embroidery. You are so clever and patient. Cheers Linny

  10. love the gold colour on black.. this is stunning.. can’t wait to see the progress.. 😀

  11. Gorgeous. Such beautiful work. I love cross stitch and this just makes me happy to see.


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